One Man and His Droid Mixer

1985 Mastertronic

Music by Rob Hubbard

Remix the classic C64 Rob Hubbard soundtrack to One Man and His Droid...

The music for the C64 version of One Man and His Droid was composed by Rob Hubbard and is often considered to be one of the finest to feature in any C64 game. The music was also used in "Invade-a-Load", a loading game that appeared in several Mastertronic releases where the user could play a Space Invaders clone whilst the main game was loaded.


1-9 to play different sections of the music

R to play random sections

Space bar for sound effects

Click the on screen keys or press equivalent keys on the keyboard

One Man and His Droid Rob Hubbard

TV image courtesy of Ohmega1982 at

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