Delta Mix-E-Load

1987 Thalamus

Music by Rob Hubbard

Delta was a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up game released by Thalamus Ltd in 1987. Programmed by Stavros Fasoulas with music by Rob Hubbard, it was the follow up to the 1986 release Sanxion.

The C64 version of Delta included the Mix-E-Load loading system which allowed players to remix the loading music as the game itself loaded in the background. It was standard in the cassette version and a bonus in the disk versions. Mix-E-Load was created by Gary Liddon in conjunction with Rob Hubbard and derived from an idea by Nick Pelling, author of well known BBC Micro games Frak! and Firetrack.

Delta Rob Hubbard Thalamus Ltd

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Published 2 years ago
Authorbillson games
Tags8-bit, c64, chiptune, commodore-64, delta, retrogames, retrogaming
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